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This is where you will be able to book and record your Flu and COVID-19 vaccine/s

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Lateral Flow Device Testing National Guidance

Following national guidance released on the 24th of August 2022, the Trust will be aligning to national advice and pausing routine asymptomatic testing (twice weekly) and asking staff to undertake testing when symptomatic or as advised by IPC in extraordinary circumstances. This is aligning with the COVID-19 testing in periods of low prevalence advice. Please be aware that the Trust may be required to stand-up routine testing should this advice change.

It is essential that you continue to report your results via the portal if you are required to undertake a test, whether the result is positive, negative or invalid.

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Order Lateral Flow Device Test Kits Order LFD Test Kits

All staff are able to order free packs of rapid lateral flow tests when required from the central government website. https://www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests.

Useful Information

Please see information in FAQ's below or view more detailed information on our staff intranet - https://staff.sussexpartnership.nhs.uk/covid-19/lateral-flow-devices.

LFD Testing FAQs

See below some answers to our most frequently asked questions

Your test kit uses what’s called a lateral flow device (LFD) This enables you to take a swab using a handheld device and to obtain the results in 30 minutes.

When your kit is received please ensure that you read the instructions on how to use as testing process may vary depending on brand.

Anyone displaying symptoms should follow the guidance for people with symptoms of a respiratory infection including COVID-19, stay at home avoiding contact with other people and undertake an LFD test immediately.

If the LFD test result is negative, you can attend work if you are clinically well enough to do so and you do not have a high temperature.

If the LFD test result is positive, you may then return to work if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You should not have any COVID-19 symptoms.
  2. If the day 5 LFD test is positive, you should continue to test daily until you have received two negative LFD test results, taken 24 hrs apart.
  3. If your LFD test result is positive on the 10th day, you should discuss this with your line manager who will undertake a risk assessment
  4. You must continue to comply with all relevant infection control precautions and PPE must be worn properly throughout the day where required.
  5. If you work with patients or residents who are especially vulnerable to COVID-19 (as determined by the organisation), a risk assessment should be undertaken, and consideration given to redeployment for the remainder of the 10-day isolation period.

You should not take an LFD test before the fifth day of your isolation period and should only end your self-isolation following 2 consecutive negative LFD tests which should be taken at least 24 hours apart.

For questions related to stock, distribution or collection of excess stock please contact: PPE@spft.nhs.uk

For questions related to testing, testing/isolating procedure or patient testing please contact the IPC team at PhysicalHealthInfectionControl@spft.nhs.uk

Vaccine Portal FAQs

See below some answers to our most frequently asked questions

For any questions or queries relating to the submission of your vaccination data contact immunisation@spft.nhs.uk.

Portal FAQs

See below some answers to our most frequently asked questions

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